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    Office tower for “DDOR Novi Sad” a.d.o. in Novi Sad, Serbia

    location: Novi Sad, Serbia
    area: 6.300m²
    investment value: €7.900.000
    author: Nemanja Radusinovic, M.Arch.
    Design executed for “DDOR Novi Sad” a.d.o., www.ddor.co.rs

    Conceptual design of reconstruction of the business tower for new office premises of DDOR Novi Sad a.d.o.- Serbia’s leading insurance company. Known as former building of “Radnicki University“, this office tower is the highest building in Novi Sad City. It was damaged in fire in the year 2000.
    Completed in 1964th, this 14 story building is a representative of contemporary architecture from the second half of 20th century. This design proposes upgrading of existing architecture with the latest architectural tendencies as well as architectural-metaphorical presentation of a modern, progressive company. Knowing the quality of the insurance company “DDOR Novi Sad“, a building reconstruction design resulted in a solid architectural volume that metaphorically shows quality and safety of the company. Being the tallest building, these architectural elements and qualities are viewed from almost all parts of the city of Novi Sad.