• Experience

    “Architectum” is a firm with high professional experience in architectural designing, engineering and consulting services. More than four decades of family experience in the field of architecture is the foundation of this firm which is established in the year 2004.

    Having been awarded with a Master of Architecture degree and accumulating cutting-edge work experience in world renowned architectural firms in the United States, the firm’s founder has further carried “Architectum” to higher degree of excellence.

    The architectural work of “Architectum” ranges from contemporary residential and office buildings designs, interior designs of residential units completed with detailed furniture design to designs in traditional environments.

    “Architectum” has been awarded with numerous distinguished awards in Serbia.

    Members of the designing team of “Architectum” are all licensed engineers by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

    Author or co-author of presented work (excluding work shown as cooperation) is Nemanja Radusinovic, M.Arch. – founder and owner of „Architectum“.