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    Cultural Center, „Cvetni Trg“ Square, Belgrade, Serbia

    location: „Cvetni Trg“ Square (Flower Square), Belgrade, Serbia
    area: 2.000m ²
    author: Nemanja Radusinovic, M.Arch.
    Student design, VII Semester – fourth year of study

    Design area covers the entire block “Cvetni Trg” (Flower Square), near present-day “Kralja Milana” (King Milan) Street in the central area of Belgrade.
    Whole area is conceived as a group of both, built areas-cultural structures and open spaces-newly formed piazzas and internal streets. This way, whole block symbolizes City of Belgrade – the City that embraces several civilizations and two rivers. The group of buildings and structures includes variety of cultural facilities such as: museum, open stage, exhibition galleries and art academy.
    This project was awarded by eminent Borba Award for the best student design in the year 1994.